Jul 8, 2020 • 40M

CPB | #010 - Unlocking the SECRETS & Proven Concepts to CBD & Cannabis Email Marketing Strategy

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What's going on Canna Playbook Nation, hope you are doing amazing today from wherever in the world you are tuning in from.

As always we are on a mission to bring you stories of cannapreneurs and the very people the power the cannabis industry. 

In today's episode, we are going to be diving into one of my favorite topics over here at the Canna Playbook is getting in touch with your customers and more specifically data.  

Today DATA > OIL (yep, data is worth more than oil and that says a lot. 

There is SO MUCH money being left on the table because businesses everywhere but mainly in the cannabis industry, they have no customer follow up experience implemented. 

So I brought one of my friends and business partners I trust in the space on today, Daniel Budai who runs a 7 figure Email Marketing & Messaging agency and has multiple CBD clients. So we will dive into what's working and what key things to do if you are starting out with your CBD or Canna business.

It was definitely an honor to have him on today's episode so sit back relax and lets ease into to today's episode 

To learn more about Daniel: https://www.linkedin.com/in/budaidaney/

To learn more about Budai Media: https://www.thebudaimedia.com

To learn more about our solutions or how you can get on our podcast, book a discovery call here: www.cannaplaybook.com/connect